Download ADISRA SmartView (.Net 6.0)

ADISRA SmartView

ADISRA SmartView (patch 3) **

ADISRA SmartView (Security Patch) ***

How to install ADISRA SmartView (PDF)

ADISRA SmartView C# Script Reference (PDF)

* (NEW) ADISRA SmartView Version requires .Net 6.0

* To accommodate product requirements from our customers, we have installed a new license system.  In turn, all old licenses will need to be reissued.  ADISRA will reissue your softkey license at no charge.  Please send us the site code to  If you have any questions, please let us know.  We are always here to serve you.

** The patch installation consists of a compressed zip file containg an executable. The patch installer locates the default installation bin folder, but you can browse to a different folder if you are not using the standard installation bin folder. For more information about the contents of this patch, please check the changelog which will be added to the installation bin folder after installation.

*** The security patch can be applied to any ADISRA SmartView version that displays the error “Error starting gRPC call”” when executing the application.


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