Example Features

MultiTagViewer Demo

This demo uses different MultiTagViewer features. 

The MultiTagViewer (MTV) displays data from different types of tags, mostly used to display arrays (of data types or simple arrays) but it can also display properties of a simple tag. It helps the user to create a functional table with different types of columns. 


  • Different column types usage
  • C# Ternary Expressions
  • Mouse Down event script
  • Array of DataType
  • MultiTagViewer HideColumn and ShowColumn function

Matrix Demo

This demo makes use of a 2 dimensional array (Matrix) and performs a few operations over it. A Matrix is a very common way of structuring information and very useful for encoding linear information and manipulating it. Many of the standard techniques of linear algebra are thought of in terms of vectors and matrices.

This application allows generating random values to the 3×3 matrix or inputing values directly. The OnWhile event transposes the matrix into a new matrix and also calculates the determinant of the matrix. 


  • 2 Dimensional array tag
  • MatrixGrid object
  • UserFunction
  • OnWhile event
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