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Maximizing Efficiency

Unveiling Manufacturing's OEE and the Power of Six Big Losses with InsightView

Production has consistently revolved around metrics and data analysis. All producers aspire to leverage production data regardless the scale of the manufacturing venture. This allows them to uncover hidden inefficiencies, solve previously elusive issues, and continually discover fresh avenues for expansion,  enhancement and continued competitive advantage.

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a crucial key performance indicator (KPI) employed to enhance manufacturing procedures.  It identifies inefficiencies and classifies them through benchmarking and thorough analysis.  OEE’s objective is to encapsulate the comprehensive utilization of materials, machinery, and time within a production process.

The Six Big Losses is another crucial gauge for enhancing performance along with OEE.  These losses efficiently categorize equipment-associated issues:  Unplanned Stops, Planned Stops, Small Stops, Slow Cycles, Production Defects, and Startup Defects.  The OEE factors trio – Availability, Performance, and Quality – correspond with the Six Big Losses offering key areas for implementing enhancement strategies.



InsightView is crafted with the needs of small-to-mid-market customers in mind. It offers performance metrics for gauging production process or equipment efficiency, all without the burden of managing an IT infrastructure.

Presenting a cloud-based and subscription-centric model, InsightView offers OEE and Advanced Analytics solutions. This empowers manufacturers to not only assess their production assets against industry benchmarks but also make comparisons with internal assets or assets utilized across different shifts, years, hours, and more.

Leveraging a robust big data architecture through Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, InsightView enables effective management of substantial data volumes. It seamlessly integrates data from diverse systems and transforms it into actionable insights.

What is ADISRA InsightView?

InsightView's Software as a Service (SaaS) solution presents a modern and flexible approach to enhancing manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Rather than requiring users to install, update, and maintain software on their local systems, InsightView delivers its capabilities directly through the cloud.

Accessibility and Mobility

Users can access InsightView from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for remote monitoring and management of manufacturing processes or machines. This means that manufacturers can access the platform and its features through a web browser, eliminating the need for complex installations and frequent software updates.

Cost Effectiveness

Manufacturers can substantially decrease infrastructure expenses by removing the requirements for on-premises software installations and upkeep. Moreover, the economically viable subscription-based pricing structure renders it attainable for customers within the small-to-mid-market segment.


The cloud-based nature of InsightView enables easy scaling to accommodate growing data volumes and user demands. As a manufacturer's operations expand, they can seamlessly adjust their subscription to match their evolving requirements.


InsightView offers a flexible platform that empowers manufacturers to tailor the system according to their unique requirements. This is achieved through an intuitive visual interface and configuration tools, which facilitates the design of customized dashboards and reports.

And more...


InsightView is the most efficient and effective approach for overseeing and enhancing production within your manufacturing environment. It is a powerful intuitive tool that interprets data for measuring machine and processes productivity. Highly customizable, it enables the user to create a wide range of dashboards for monitoring KPI's, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and the Six Big Losses that are key to evaluating machine status. Gathering data from your factory floor and performing computations for the Six Big Losses and OEE, it provides a comprehensive operational view of your manufacturing processes. InsightView empowers individuals to make well-informed decisions drawn from the insights, enabling resilient digital transformation by transforming data into actionable choices.

To better understand and experience InsightView, please request a demonstration, delve into the data sheet, or apply for a temporary account.


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