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Configuring Low-Code Templates for Dynamic Human Machine Interface (HMI) at Runtime

HMI systems play a crucial role in communication and control between users and machines in the world of industrial automation.  These systems provide a user-friendly interface for operators to interact with machines and collect real-time data.  Configuring HMI can sometimes be labor-intensive and time consuming, but the emergence of low-code templates can simplify the process significantly making operator runtime configuration adjustments both quick and easy.


LOW-CODE Template

A Low-code template is a pre-built design or structure provided by low-code development platforms to accelerate and simplify the application development process. Low-code template enables developers to create applications with minimal manual coding using a simple visual interface. ADISRA SmartView offers the unique capability to create personalized templates or utilize pre-built templates, such as the Low-code Template. These templates can be easily customized and modified at run-time allowing users to create industry-specific applications that meet distinct requirements.

Using only ADISRA SmartView's run-time license, users have the capability to create, configure, delete, and modify tags, triggers, schedulers, templates, alarms, drivers, databases, history, and various other features. Kindly refer to the following link for the ADISRA Low-code Data Sheet.

Low-code templates act as initial building blocks for creating diverse applications, including Human Machine Interface and others.  These templates come equipped with pre-configured elements, user interface components, and logic, enabling users to tailor and expand the application to suit their unique business needs.

Notably, ADISRA SmartView possesses the ability to configure much of its functionality during run-time.  As a result, customers can develop specialized templates tailored to specific industries and subsequently customize them at run-time for various clients within the same industry sector.  This flexibility empowers users to efficiently cater to different customer requirements while maintaining a unified foundation for their applications.

Key Features

ADISRA presents its "Low-Code" Template, empowering users to effortlessly generate, set up, remove, and modify tags, triggers, schedulers, templates, alarms, drivers, databases, and history in real-time. Additionally, the platform facilitates the design of a straightforward Human-Machine Interface (HMI) screen for system configuration and monitoring, eliminating the necessity of accessing the ADISRA SmartView development environment.



Low-code templates offer ready-made sections of application that can be rapidly and effortlessly tailored to fit a particular use scenario.

Minimized mistakes

Through the utilization of pre-constructed templates, developers can steer clear of typical errors and inaccuracies that frequently arise during manual coding.


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