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Information About ADISRA Annual Software Maintenance Agreement

By procuring an ADISRA Annual Software Maintenance Agreement, you gain access to comprehensive support options and added value for your ADISRA installation. While software licenses are essential components of your automation solution, optimal software performance depends on regular updates and occasional technical assistance. With the ADISRA Annual Software Maintenance Agreement, you enjoy more than just software and support at a fixed annual cost. You also have the reassurance of knowing that we are committed to supporting you and your business both now and in the future.

Your active ADISRA Annual Software Maintenance Agreement provides you with several advantages, including:

• Priority access to technical support via telephone, email, WhatsApp, web chat, and text cost throughout the duration of your maintenance agreement with ADISRA.
• Free upgrades while your maintenance agreement is active. As upgrades become available, you will receive them directly from ADISRA.
• Timely notifications of available updates and revisions to your ADISRA software, as well as free access to download them from a secure area on the ADISRA website throughout the life of your maintenance agreement.

ADISRA makes every effort to assist all customers, regardless of whether they have an active maintenance agreement or not. However, customers with an active maintenance agreement are given priority response when reaching out to ADISRA for technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A software maintenance agreement is a contract between a software vendor and a customer that provides ongoing support, updates, and upgrades to the software product.

A software maintenance agreement typically includes technical support, software updates, and software upgrades.

The benefits of having a software maintenance agreement include access to technical support, the latest software updates and upgrades, and peace of mind knowing that your software is being maintained and supported by the vendor.

The maintenance agreement costs 20% of the product price per year.

When you buy your ADISRA Software License, you can also purchase the Software Maintenance Agreement using the part number ADR-SM2020.

The maintenance agreement is automatically renewed annually on the purchase anniversary date.

Yes, most software maintenance agreements can be renewed on an annual basis.

Yes, you can decide to purchase maintenance agreements for any new software licenses at the time of purchase.

Your ADISRA Representative or Distributor will send you a renewal billing invoice one month before your maintenance agreement expires. If you renew on or before your maintenance anniversary date, your licenses will be covered for another full year, maintaining your eligibility for support, updates, and upgrades. If you renew after the anniversary date, your maintenance agreement will be back-dated to the anniversary date.

The cost of renewing a Software Maintenance Agreement is the same as the previous year's price, regardless of any increase in ADISRA's product price.

Yes, technical support is typically included in a software maintenance agreement. ADISRA prioritizes its Software Maintenance Agreement customers for support, followed by distributors and partners, and then other customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you decide not to purchase an ADISRA maintenance agreement, you will need to buy updates and upgrades separately. Please note that customers with an active maintenance agreement receive priority support from ADISRA.

An update is a release that provides enhancements or fixes for current or previous versions of ADISRA software. An Upgrade is when a new software version is released that provides new functionalities, features and/or capabilities.


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