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The predictions of IIoT World’s advisory board for the year 2024.

IIoT World, a respected organization dedicated to making IIoT insights accessible to all, recently conducted interviews with its advisory board members to gain insights into the anticipated future trends for 2024. The advisory board includes industry experts such as Jeff Winter, Senior Director of Industry Strategy in Manufacturing; Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities; Kevin O’Donovan, Technology Evangelist; Ira Sharp, Co-founder of the Industry 4.0 Club; and Marcia Gadbois, President of ADISRA. To explore their forward-looking perspectives, you can find excerpts from the interviews in the link provided below.

IIoT World’s Board of Advisors Envisioning 2024’s Industrial Transformation
Access the projections for 2024 from IIoT World Advisory board through the link above.

A brochure containing the 2024 predictions from the IIoT World Advisory Board is accessible below.

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