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Announcing the Release of ADISRA SmartView V4.1!

We are excited to announce the release of ADISRA SmartView V4.1, the latest version of our industry-leading software designed to elevate your industrial automation applications. This release brings many new features and enhancements, ensuring that your automation processes are more efficient, reliable, and powerful than ever before.

Key Highlights of ADISRA SmartView V4.1

ADISRA SmartView Launcher

Immerse yourself in a more streamlined workflow with the new ADISRA SmartView Launcher. This centralized hub offers effortless access to all your projects, making navigation and project management a breeze. Whether initiating a new project or accessing an existing one, the SmartView Launcher empowers you to work faster.

Linux Compatibility

ADISRA SmartView V4.1 now offers seamless integration with various Linux distributions, such as
Linux Mint, Ubuntu Desktop, CentOS Desktop, Debian, CentOS Server, Ubuntu Server, and Alpine.  This expanded compatibility means you can leverage Linux’s power and flexibility for your industrial automation needs. Enjoy the robust performance and security that Linux provides, coupled with the advanced capabilities of ADISRA SmartView.

Edge Computing with Linux

Harness the power of Edge Computing with Linux in ADISRA SmartView V4.1. This feature enables real-time decision-making at the edge of your network, improving efficiency and reducing latency. By processing data closer to where it is generated, you can achieve faster response times and greater operational effectiveness.

Rule-Based System

Our new Rule-Based System is engineered to deliver robust decision support and predictive insights. ADISRA SmartView takes this further by merging HMI with a rule-based system, creating an intelligent framework for advancing industrial applications. For example, it can diagnose energy distribution within a plant, ensuring a smart balance between the supply and demand of gases used as primary energy sources. The system incorporates rules that emulate operators’ actions at the energy center. ADISRA SmartView, with its rule-based system, concludes by inferring from these rules using data collected from sensors or gauges installed at the plant. This approach boosts efficiency and enhances the system’s responsiveness and adaptability to changing operational conditions.

Usability Enhancements

We have listened to your feedback and implemented several usability enhancements to improve user interaction and reliability. From a more intuitive interface to improved system stability, these enhancements ensure a smoother and more productive user experience.

Explore and Download ADISRA SmartView V4.1 Today!

Discover all these features and more by:

Watching our ADISRA SmartView V4.1 New Features Video: Get a comprehensive overview of the latest enhancements and how they can benefit your industrial automation applications.

Reviewing our Data Sheet and Press Release: Gain in-depth insights into the capabilities and improvements in ADISRA SmartView V4.1.

Downloading ADISRA SmartView V4.1: Experience the software firsthand by visiting our download page to get started.

We are confident that ADISRA SmartView V4.1 will significantly enhance your automation capabilities and look forward to your feedback on this exciting new release. Thank you for choosing ADISRA as your trusted partner in industrial automation.

Stay connected for more updates, and happy automating!

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